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What are Tots classes?

The Karate, Kick Boxing and Taekwondo Tots classes are catered towards 4 & 5 year old children, who are keen to start Martial Arts. They serve as an introduction to our Junior Karate, Kick Boxing and Taekwondo classes.
Children work towards badges, centred around the techniques required for the first belt in our Junior Karate, Kick Boxing & Taekwondo Syllabuses.
Once the children have received all of the badges - including the final Belt Badge - then they are ready to take their first grading and earn their first belt!

The children are able to move up into the 6 years plus Junior Karate and Kick Boxing classes once they have turned 6 to continue their progression through our syllabuses.

Classes are included in our trial period offer, and more information about fees can be found here.