Taekwondo at Kazen Kai


About Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts and translates into english as the way of the hand and foot. ‘Tae’ translates as kick, ‘Kwon’ meaning punch or fist and ‘Do’ the art or way of. With Kazen Kai Taekwondo you will learn the traditional tul, strikes, punches, blocks, kicks and how to combine these fluently.


Why choose Kazen Kai?

Training with Kazen Kai will not only develop your strength, coordination, stamina, balance and flexibility but will also train you mentally, improving self-awareness, discipline, confidence and will power.


Please contact us for more information:
01277 262800

£25 for one discipline
£35 for two disciplines
£45 for three disciplines Please go to our Fees page for more information

We enroll students all throughout the year, you can come along and try our classes at any time. Just took at our club timetables and decide when suits you best.

Nothing! All you have to do is turn up to your local club about 5 minutes before the session starts and have a chat with one of our friendly instructors.

For your first lesson wear something comfotable, we recommend loose fitting clothes that are easy to move around in e.g. track suit bottoms and a t-shirt. No need to worry about shoes as we train in bare feet!

We offer Karate classes for children as young as 4 years at some of our clubs, please check individual club timetables for more information.

You will never be too old to start Martial Arts! We have students of all ages at Kazen Kai, and offer a wide range of classes to reflect this. Please see individual club timetables for more information.