Junior Karate Competitions


General Information

- Children will be placed into groups best suited accordins to their belt, age and height to try and ensure a positive experience for all. These competitions are ideal for introducing students to competitive karate.
- All entries will receive a participation award. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a medal and will be eligible to enter the Club Champions event.
- All students taking part will require hand pads, leg pads and a mouth guard. These are available to purchase from your instructor.


Upcoming Competition dates

05-Oct-2024 12:00BrentwoodCOMPETITION Junior Karate - Brentwood Dojo, Bannister Drive, CM13 1YX

05-Oct-2024 12:00ChelmsfordCOMPETITION Junior Karate - Chelmsford Dojo, Beehive Lane, CM2 9TE

05-Oct-2024 13:00HarlowCOMPETITION Junior Karate - Harlow Dojo, Nicholls Field, CM18 6DY

05-Oct-2024 14:00MaldonCOMPETITION Junior Karate - Maldon Dojo, Market Hill, CM9 4PZ

Competition Events

The Referees will organize students into categories in these events once the list of competitors are finalised.
KATA: Students will perform their Kata that they practice in class. Younger children and lower belts will perform their Kata in groups of two or three and higher belts will perform their Kata individually.
KUMITE: Students will compete against their opponent, and will be awarded points for controlled and accurate techniques. Uncontrolled moves will result in penalty.
SLAM MAN: Younger students will compete against the dummies and will be awarded points for good techniques and focus.


Booking Information

Go to the online booking system and select the competition venue, then scroll forward to the competition date using the blue arrows - if you need the link please email admin@kazenkai.com

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