In School Clubs


Karate and Kick Boxing are excellent sports for children, as it encourages confidence and self-esteem whilst being a great all round form of fitness. Kazen Kai is affiliated to the National Governing Body, all coaches are qualified, DBS checked and insured.
Classes in schools are run on an ongoing basis, during term times only. We send out the dates for the term in advance.


Fees are due at the start of the term, either us or the school will be in touch with you about how to pay these and book your place in the club. Places are limited and a waiting list will be put into place when all available places are filled.
Please contact our main office if you need any help with this; 01277 262800 or The main office hours are 9:30am-3:00pm Monday to Friday


The official Kazen Kai uniform should be worn in class. For Karate this will be an official Kazen Kai Gi and for Kick Boxing this will be the official Kazen Kai T-shirt and Kick Boxing trousers.
These are available to purchase by calling Kazen Kai on 01277 262800 and will be taken to the next class by your instructor.
Please come ready with the child’s height in cm as the uniforms are sized by height, not age.


Students that decide that they want to progress through the Kazen Kai Grading syllabus to earn their belts, compete in kids competitions and other club opportunities will require a licence with our association. You can purchase a licence by contacting our main office on 01277 262800 (main office hours are 9:30am-3:00pm Monday to Friday).
Students that have a licence are able to carry on their training during the school holidays at one of our other clubs, please see our timetable page for more information on class times. They are also able to book onto our kids school holiday courses and kids competitions


We hold gradings in schools at the end of the autumn and summer terms. These are exams in which the students have the opportunity to earn their next belts. All students entering the grading will require the official kazen kai uniform for their discipline, and an up to date licence. The licence fee pays for the student's books that they require to record the grading, and lists their techniques required for their next belt.
We will be in touch half way through the term with more information about preparing for and booking the gradings.


We hold competitions in schools at the end of the spring term. These competitions are ideal for introducing students to competitive karate. Children will be placed into groups best suited according to their belt and age and compete in two events:
1. KATA - Students will perform their kata that they practise in class. Younger children and lower belts will perform their kata in groups of two or three and higher belts will perform their kata individually.
2. SLAM MAN - Students will compete in pairs against the dummies and will be awarded points for good techniques and focus.
All students taking part in the Slam Man event will require kazen kai hand pads and leg pads. These are available to purchase by calling the Kazen Kai main office on 01277 262800 and will be taken to the next class by your instructor.